Why Am I Not Yet Successful?

The Ideal of Recognition & The Key To Achieving Success

Dhruv Hegde
3 min readAug 28, 2022


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Here I am; a young kid, embracing his passion and attempting to gain success through deciphering society and preaching philosophy. Throughout the disorder that has enveloped the eyes of my generation, I have attempted to alter my perception for the better and consider the vast predicaments that most fail to see.

However, there is much disparity between the success that I have achieved and that of others around me; workers of the matrix, producing digestible content that is simply burying us deeper in the hole of the world.

Though it gratified me when I do receive a verbal accolade for my works, it is not the basis around which I have chosen to pursue this endeavor; my passion doesn’t rest on recognition.

This is the singular aspect that dictates whether or not you will be put into the headlights of the mainstream: recognition. It is ideal that creates the disparity between those who are household names and those who will be forgotten mere seconds after their death. The difference between having your name engraved in the texts of history and becoming yet another wasted life.

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From an outward perspective, the answer might seem obvious: combine interest with the pursuit of success. However, as many know, people tend to forsake passion when the spotlight comes into the picture. We forgo our dreams for the empty promise of being liked; we sacrifice ourselves for the satisfaction of others.

For so long, I’ve been choosing time and time again to pursue a passion rather than go mainstream. In every domain, I’ve decided to try and fulfill myself without requiring that others join me in my journey.

In fact, you too might have fallen victim to this daunting question-the question of whether to let yourself go or forget about the possibility of success.

In every medium, be it YouTube or Medium itself, you can discern those who are simply playing a character and those who put their heart into the content they create. However, genuinity is not valued nor appreciated; it has become a forsaken value that only those who haven’t gained significance put out.

I too have ventured across the depths of this very platform and observed that those achieving the most success aren’t the ones putting their all into educating or informing an audience; the ones achieving success are the ones who give the people what they desire.

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Individuals who write easily digestible short snippets, rather than long paragraphs riddled with terminology, are most likely to retain their audience. We have become so accustomed to texting and digesting short content that we can not even stand to tolerate longer, more challenging texts. We have lost interest in growth and only stand for what makes us feel stable.

The vast majority have forsaken their passion and twisted their interests into a pursuit of success; they have left behind what they truly desire to do and are attempting to validate their minds through producing pathetic pieces of content to appeal to the masses.

I am open to hearing arguments from an individual with an opposing idea and I’m also aware that no one will achieve immense success in the early portion of their pursuit. However, I do know that behind the gates of these lamentable articles lies a rich bank of informative and moral content.



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